I’m self-taught and my art is not framed by one single style or aesthetic tendency.
The neoexpressionism might be what my painting reflects the most.
My technique is about expressive movements. I paint in bold strokes which I contrast with the subtle elements and abstract shapes, trying to tell my stories of intention, of movement and materiality.
Painting is my instinct. I depict something that captured my attention or that touched me specially. Depending on how I feel, the colors I use change, the ideas I convey transform and my style gets more or less aggressive, more or less perfect.
I’m permanently evolving and exploring my potential, but my work always reflects my being, my spontaneity and my emotions.
Born in Coimbra, Portugal, 1984.
Graduated from Law School, Coimbra University (FDUC, 2008).
Degree in Psychology, Universitat Abat Oliba Ceu, Barcelona (2013).
Master Degree in Clinical Psychology, Institute for Applied Psychology (ISPA) Lisbon (2015).
Sónia Travassos was always curious about art and its expressions since her early years. During her studies in the Law School, art and creativity were her escape from the stiffness of the civil law books. Later on, as a psychology student, Sónia found herself exploring the complexity of pain in relationships, inspiring herself to create a very organic and colorful painting approach, translating feelings to the canvas in a very intense way.
Since then, Sónia is dedicated full time to painting working mostly in neo-expressionist style.
Sónia’s art is represented in private collections all around the world, and much exhibited in collective and individual exhibitions, such as Anthology Biennial of Art, Millan, Italy; Goy Art, Rome, Italy.